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Here is the scoop on the rest of our trip.  Put your feet up, it’s a long one.  Then, breathe deep and take this in.

harbor springs

One of the things you must do in Harbor Springs is take pictures.  Whether you rock a point and shoot or a fancy DSLR or even your cell phone camera, do not forget to capture the beauty.  There is a lot of it.  Then, head to downtown Harbor Springs to get acquainted with some of lovely local businesses.

gurneys harbor springs

Don’t worry, you can see them all within about two blocks.  There is not even a stoplight in town!

harbor springs

The Christmas tree was still up in late January.  They put in smack in the middle of the street each year.  Fun!

harbor springs

If you’re thirsty and have no little ones with you, hit up Bar Harbor for a brewski.  Have a yummy Michigan brew like Bell’s Oberon or at least a Labatt Blue.

bar harbor harbor springs

We had a little with us and instead stopped at The Pier across the street.  They have a nice cozy lounge with a fireplace and chairs on wheels.  Can you guess who had fun with the chairs on wheels?

If you get the hungries, Gurneys is a MUST stop.  I have been eating their yummy sammies since grade school.  They are delish.  They bake their own bread and have a tasty deli sauce called Ginny’s deli sauce.  I fed these sammies to my wedding party while we were preparing for the big shindig that evening.

If you have a sweet tooth stop in to Tom’s Mom’s cookies.  Another local food I’ve been eating since grade school.

toms moms cookies

Carriage rides were available while we were there.  This is not a regular thing that I ever remember seeing.  I believe they are an attempt to get people into town to help support the local businesses.  The horses, Stella and Babe, were very sweet.

harbor springs carriage ride

Either myself, grandma or Dylan took Emmet out for a ride in the sled every day.  He loved it!  So much so that often he would fall asleep after being in it for a few minutes.  This led to grandma and I tromping around in the snow with him for an hour and half one day so he could finish his nap.  Needless to say, we got some good cardio in that day.



I love sharing this magical place with my family.

harbor springs

The thing we did the most was hang out at home and spend time with family which was exactly what we wanted to do.  Emmet had a blast with grandma and grandpa.  Emmet will not let me spoon feed him but he will let grandpa!  Here they are enjoying some applesauce.  Do you see the massive amount of it being rubbed around the table?

domestic devotion

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