to my amazing husband

Emmet and I have this amazing man in our lives and we are so thankful for it.  He takes the very best care of us.

how to be a good dad

On this particular day I think he was teaching Emmet how to use nunchucks.  (They are ninjas.)

worlds best daddy

I am not sure how much progress was made but I can tell you E sure loved it.

how to be a good dad

Dylan has embraced the babywearing, co-sleeping and diaper changing in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I could not ask for a better parent as a partner.  These two have a bond that is a joy to watch.  There are lot of times when all Emmet wants is mommy but times they are a-changing.  Now there are times when Emmet only wants daddy.  I was told this day would come but I am not sure I actually believed it.  Turns out, the wise mamas who told me that were right, as they usually are.

how to be a good dad

We love and appreciate you so much Dylan!

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