stop and smell the grape kool aid

Spring has sprung here in Austin.  It’s a special spring because last year we skipped spring and went right into summer.  We also skipped precipitation so there weren’t any flowers.  A spring without flowers?  I know.  A travesty.  This spring is making up for it.  We’ve had rain galore.  So much that the Mountain Laurels are blooming everywhere!  They have such beautiful shades of purple and vibrant green leaves.  My very favorite part of the Mountain Laurels is that they smell like grape kool aid.  Not kidding.  I made Dylan get out of the car this weekend to go smell them.  I’m not sure he appreciated it but I like to think he was glad he smelled the fragrant aroma of grape kool aid.

grape kool aid

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2 Responses to “stop and smell the grape kool aid”

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi! Found you through twitter and love your blog! Fun to find out that you’re in Austin. I am a Friday Night Lights fanatic, and devotedly watching all 5 seasons (plus re-watching on DVD) gave me a true soft spot in my heart for Austin, TX! (Though I’ve never visited. I do have a close friend in San Antonio, though, so sort of have a soft spot for TX in general.) I’m up in Minnesota, where we are having a major drought this winter! No snow! Craziness! :)

    • admin says:

      Hi Shannon! Welcome and I’m happy to hear you are enjoying our adventures. If you can believe it I have never seen Friday Night Lights. I may have to check it out now that I have a reco :) No snow? A travesty for a Minnesota winter. What good is freezing cold weather if there is no snow to make it beautiful!!

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