shaving cream sensory activity

I’ve been reading a lot about Montessori activities for toddlers and have started to introduce some activities to Emmet.  He has started being an awesome helper and wants to do things like sweep and water the flowers when he sees me doing those things.  This was how I knew it was a good time to start him on Montessori activities.  He now has a child size rake and hoe and he uses them when I am out doing stuff in the yard.  It’s pretty freakin cute.  For those of you not familiar with Montessori, here is the gist of it:

  • Students learn from working with materials versus being taught
  • Students have a choice of activities
  • Students have blocks of work time which are not interrupted

I went to Montessori and remember two things about it.

1.  I would play only with Carrie Faucett (I was an extremely shy child. I know. Hard to believe.)

2.  I remember the ‘making a snack’ and ‘making a flower arrangement’ were my favorite activities

This weekend we tried out a sensory activity with shaving cream.  He loved it!!  Not kidding.  He played in a super focused fashion for quite awhile.

What you need:

  • muffin tin
  • paintbrush/basting brush
  • shaving cream
  • food coloring

shaving cream sensory activity

I didn’t really expect him to get the hang of the basting brush but he did!  However, once he got his hands in there the brush was done-zo.  He spent the bulk of the time getting his little fingers in there and squeezing it in his fingers.  I have no idea why but I did not take an after picture.  He was covered in shaving cream and I had to hose him down.  You could also do this in the tub at bathtime.

shaving cream sensory activity


shaving cream sensory activity

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  1. Randalin says:

    oh my gosh – how cute is he??? I LOVE this idea and am definitely going to try it out with Kale! Also, how awesome that your favourite activities were making snacks and flower arrangements?!?
    Randalin recently posted..Montessori Monday: Treasure HuntMy Profile

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