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Currently I am…

making: I haven’t started yet, but tomorrow I plan to.  I am going to make new curtains for E’s window and closet.  He pinched his fingers in the closet doors so off they will come and I plan to hang curtains in their place.  And I will make one to match for the window, but with some blackout material as well.  They will be no-sew curtains.  Bring on the hem tape!
listening to: The sounds of the trail.  I’m doing my easy runs on the Town Lake trail and I am not one of those folks who runs to music.  I like to pay attention to the thoughts that cruise through my mind (you can’t hear them when you have music.)  I like to hear the guy who plays guitar, the sound of the jogging stroller wheels in the loose areas of sand and the little snippets of conversation from passers-by.
craving: Food in general.  I’m training for a half marathon and all the miles make me so hungry.  I eat.  A lot.  Not big meals, but many snacks.  Chocolate chip whole wheat pancakes with vanilla protein powder.  Cinnamon-raisin sprouted grain bagels with organic cream cheese.  A smoothie.  All of that in one day, plus 3 meals.
writing: Facebook posts.  I started a group for the crunchy friendly moms in my friends list.  Once in a while I get some not so nice comments on my crunchy tidbits.  It doesn’t feel great.  So I made a cozy little space where I can spout my crunchy and not get my feelings hurt.  I am truly amazed at how these moms, who do not all know each other or even live in the same state, open up about stuff.  It’s pretty cool to watch.  I guess you could say I am doing more watching/reading than I am writing.
laughing at: Emmet.  He’s such a jokester.  and a climber.  Today he got quiet in the kitchen and as I walked around the corner, what do I see?  Emmet ON THE KITCHEN TABLE (Thank you very much daddy) holding his water bottle upside down so the water drips out…  I could not help but laugh out loud!
Emmet is…
making: Mommy tired.  He goes and he goes and he goes.  He is a beast.
listening to:  MGMT.  This is what I turned up very loud as we drove home from our dinner date yesterday trying to keep him awake.
craving: Meat.  He prefers meat to fruits, veggies and even bread.  Guess his little growing body just needs lots of protein right now.  Grow baby, grow! 
writing: A Father’s Day card for daddy.  We made one ourselves with construction paper and crayons.
laughing at: Me, when I lick his cheek.  Seriously, he laughs and laughs when I lick his cheek.  Think it’s weird that I lick his cheek?  Try licking your kid’s cheek.  Their reaction will totally be worth it.
Harvesting Kale
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5 Responses to “currently v.4”

  1. Randalin says:

    We have curtains on Kale’s closet door too! They are just plain, store bought ones, and I really want to make some with a better fabric. I just need motivation! I’m also a no-sew curtain girl!

    I’m interested in your facebook group…how do I get myself an invitation?
    Randalin recently posted..currently link up {v.4}My Profile

    • admin says:

      You have yourself an invite! I’m halfway through the curtains. My biggest obstacle is kid-free time to work on them :) They may take awhile…

  2. Wendy says:

    I love that you have a crunchy group on fb! Isn’t it dumb how people can be such bullies on the internet? Also, I’m totally going to lick Hannah’s face tomorrow.
    Wendy recently posted..Currently | v. 6My Profile

  3. Dad says:

    I love you

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