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December 9th, 2014

Hi there. I started grad school at the beginning of the year and took a boatload of classes each quarter. More than one should take. And blogging went out the window. 2015 will have a more practical schedule. Maybe blogging will come back in the window?

We took a recent trip to the art museum and I brought my lonely big camera along. We rocked out an art project.  They had a theme and all but we did our own thing.  Our theme? Mater. See him on the table down here?



and a friend for Mater to tow.



There’s a digger! Drilling a hole into the ground! WHAT?



a toddler new year’s eve party

January 1st, 2014

We partied on New Year’s Eve.  It was some intense partying.  I didn’t take any photos during the party, but I did take some once I had things set up.  We started off with trying out some hats, leis and horns.  The eye masks were deemed too scary by E and they were not allowed in on the fun.  Then we played with the balloons. The long squiggly ones were a favorite with E.

toddler new years eve party

toddler new years eve party

toddler new years eve party

We had a disco ball for our dance session.  Yes, those are foil cupcake things on a balloon. I may have run a bit short, but from E’s view it was perfect!  We boogied to a playlist put together by yours truly.  I’ve discovered that E digs The White Stripes too!

toddler new years eve party

After the dance session we tore into the pinata with a wooden sword.  It had wool socks for mom and dad and some trucks for E.  As if the kid did not have enough trucks.  They get a ton of playtime though, so why not?  While he played with the new trucks we warmed up some dinner and all sat down to eat.  Emmet had helped me bake a cake for a party the previous day and he was really eager to eat that cake.  He had a pretty light dinner.

toddler new years eve party

We ended the party with cake.  Chocolate gluten free cake with TWO flavors of icing(chocolate on top and vanilla in between layers), both filled with genetically modified crap. And by 5:45pm lil man was partied out and off to tubby and and bedtime he went.  It was a pretty bad ass party and I’m glad I took the effort to throw it together.  Happy New Year from Team Ali!

toddler new years eve party

How did you spend New Year’s Eve?

a year in review

December 31st, 2013

What’s more fun than a quick review of photos from the past year?  A champagne jello shot, maybe.  So grab one while you look!  I really enjoyed looking at the fun we had and how much our little man has grown.  It’s insane.  What a year!

Here was my “oh I’m going to do a Project 12 and get in the frame more often this year.”  I did get a tripod for Christmas this year and I might take another stab at that one…


For awhile airplanes in the sky were a HUGE deal for E.




This was some of our first days in Milwaukee.  We went to this little coffee shop every morning for breakfast as we had no dishes or food in the house yet.


In our first place in MKE, we were in a condo building.  E would help me take the trash down to the garage using this too cute vintage wagon.  Our very lovely neighbors from Austin scored it for us.



This is a special one.  Here’s E on the front step of the house I grew up in.  I love this shot.


I got to spend Mother’s Day with my mom for the first time in a VERY VERY long time.


The Milwaukee Kite Festival.  Similar to Austin’s but with one million less people. And on the lake. And not 100 degrees.



Somebody learned how to drive this little tractor like a boss!


E and I spent many many hours cooking.  This boy will know how to cook food for himself and others when he leaves our home.  No doubt about that.



I was sure this ride would be too scary for E.  I was so wrong!







I’m grateful for everything this year brought us.  I am certain we made the best of it.  See you next year!

a little r&r for team ali

December 30th, 2013

Team Ali got a little r&r in the Caribbean this December.  D decided that after our cross country move, another move four months later and a whole lot of him working his tail off we deserved a vacation.  I agreed.  So off we went to these warm and beautiful turquoise waters. We ate, swam, buried each other in the sand and slept.  Everyday. No wi-fi. No to-do list. It was refreshing.

Dreams Cancun

This truck helped us finish a few meals without scarfing.  D has plans to paint him to look like Mack from Cars.

Dreams Cancun

Dreams Cancun

E requested a couple of walks in the surrounding city.  On one of them he kept telling us to keep going further and further.  Then we realized it was a ploy to stall bedtime. Suckers.

Dreams Cancun

This picture really doesn’t quite do it justice.  The sunsets (and sun rises) were beautiful.

Dreams Cancun

Emmet drew his first triangle in the sand on a tennis court. It was pouring the day we arrived and washed all this sand onto the tennis court. Thank goodness.  He drew all over the place!

Dreams Cancun

We took walks around the resort property. D spent most of his time topless. Our old friends from the Cove will understand that some things never change…  On more than one occasion he was told to put a shirt on, which I found hilarious.

Dreams Cancun

And this is where I practiced yoga erry day.  It seems quite an idyllic spot doesn’t it?  It taught me an important lesson.  I learned that sometimes even when we tell ourselves that we don’t have expectations for our practice, that we actually do.  And to let go of expectations.  Because we will receive exactly what we need and the important part is that we made time and showed up on the mat.

Dreams Cancun


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